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Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Learn More About Polar Heart Rate Monitors


Learn More About Polar® Heart Rate Monitors

You can take your training to the next level with Polar® electronics.

Polar® engineers heart rate monitors and fitness watches that provide vital stats for your fitness regimen. Expect a lightweight, low-profile design and easy-to-use features—so you can make the most of your training time.

Polar® heart rate monitors use a chest strap transmitter and wristwatch receiver to record your heart rate in real time. These devices are frequently used by elite athletes, who monitor heart rate zones as they train.

For simple use, some Polar® heart rate monitors are strapless, using only a wristband to keep tabs on heart rate. Always consult product information for specific details and usage guidelines on your new heart rate monitor.

Expert Advice

You can use your heart rate monitor to target aerobic target zones—and make the most of your daily workout. They’re a great fit for endurance athletes, runners, cyclists, skiers and climbers.

Heart monitors with chest straps use a wireless sensor to electronically send data to your receiver, or wristband. Strapless models employ optical tracking to monitor your heart rate. These models may be less accurate, but provide a lightweight feel for training.

Polar® chest straps and watches are lightweight for maximum comfort during use. Download and sync your data to your computer or smart phone to monitor and analyze your training. Built-in calorie counters and progress trackers provide powerful insight into your workout regimen. Full watch functionality, including built-in alarms and stopwatches, keep you on pace.

Polar® heart rate monitors are shock and water-resistant to stand up to your training. An easy-to-read screen and backlight ensure your stats are visible in any condition.

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