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Reebok Hockey Skates

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Reebok® Hockey Skates for Your Game

On the ice, your skates are your most essential piece of equipment. Lace up a pair of Reebok® ice hockey skates for precision, stability and speed when you need it most.

Each pair of Reebok® skates is optimized for performance. Innovative Reebok® pump technology eliminates natural gaps around the ankle for a custom-like fit. Quick-drying microfiber liner ensures comfort and eliminates chafing during play. Expect a lightweight yet structured fit that promotes stability on ice. Reebok® ice hockey skates and street hockey skates are available in adult and youth sizes.

When selecting your ice hockey skates, consider the blade radius. Your skate’s blade radius is the length of the skate that comes in contact with ice while skating. A radius of 3 to 4 inches helps in cutting and turning, but beginning skaters typically go for a radius of about five inches, which grants additional stability.