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Fun on Wheels: Shop Roller Skates For Kids & Adults

It’s fun and fast for your outdoor adventure. Cruise concrete with a new pair of roller skates.

The latest roller skates are built to support your ride with a variety of breakthrough features. And your new set of wheels comes in bold, fun styles that match your personality. Little ones just getting the hang of the ride can lace up in training roller blades that provide a stable base as they find their footing. Kids' roller blades come in styles for boys or girls.

Browse the entire collection or shop roller skates for women, men and kids from popular brands like DBX®, Roller Derby®, and Chicago Skates®. Looking for more? Shop the full collection of inline and roller skates or pick up a helmet from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Quad rollers skates are traditional two-by-two styles skates—equipped with two wheels in front and two in the back. These skates offer great control and a stable feel. Rink-style skates feature a higher boot for added ankle support as you skate.

Low-cut boots on your roller skates provide a lightweight feel for easier mobility. Look for a soft, foam ankle collar. Padded lining ensures you feel comfortable, lap after lap.

An ankle strap locks the ankle in for better support as you move. Your child can gain confidence in roller skates designed for beginners. These skates feature larger back wheels set wide apart. These design creates a lower center of gravity for better balance and support.

The four main components of your skate are the boot, the plate, the ball bearings and wheel itself.

The best-quality roller skate boots are constructed from leather, though some synthetic and vinyl boots provide optimal feel and support. Roller skate plates fasten together the wheels and boot. This component of the skate is typically composed of aluminum or composite metal materials.

High-boot skates typically feature wheels that are more narrowly set. Expect urethane and composite wheels to be durable on a variety of skating surfaces.