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Salomon Shoes

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Trail Run-Ready: Shop Salomon®

Relish your run with Salomon® apparel and footwear.

When you’re ready to hit the open trail, do it with Salomon®. Take on the off-road in Salomon’s® industry-leading trail shoes and men’s athletic apparel.

Hikers love the lightweight feel and lockdown fit of Salomon® hiking boots. Runners log miles in Salomon® trail running shoes that maximize traction. And you can layer up for the adventure in Salomon® outerwear. Explore what Salomon® has to offer:

Buying Tips

Off-road runners need enhanced shoes to take on unsteady terrain. That’s where trail running shoes come in.

Salomon® trail running shoes are crafted with aggressive outsoles and a more durable construction, features that help you go off the beaten path.

Stability is critical for trail-runners. Trail running shoes are outfitted with more aggressive outsoles for grip on unpredictable surfaces. Some Salomon® shoes feature lugs and spikes along the outsole to promote traction on muddy surfaces. The outsole of your shoe should feature dense rubber abrasion-resistant durability.

Salomon® trail-running shoes also feature a stiffer sole and more durable upper to shield your feet from injury and bruising. Mesh paneling along the upper may compromise waterproofness, but adds lightweight feel and breathability.

For total performance, pair your Salomon® running shoes with the brand’s men’s apparel. Salomon® men’s clothing is designed for an airy, stretchable fit that never weighs you down on the course.

Expert Advice

It’s the details that make a difference in your Salomon® trail running shoes.

A gusseted tongue prevents dirt and debris from penetrating your shoe. EVA foam in the midsole of your shoe ensures cushioning without added weight. Toe caps are a must for train runners, helping to prevent injury and boost the shoe’s durability. Hiking boots and running shoes that feature a GORE-TEX® membrane have an added barrier against moisture penetration.

Wearing road-running shoes on off-road trails is not recommended. These shoes may not offer adequate grip and stability on more rugged terrain. The steeper and more challenging the terrain, the more support and structure is needed in your shoe.