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ScentBlocker Clothing

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Be Aromatically Neutral in the Woods with ScentBlocker® Clothing & Accessories

Go undetected by prey with high-tech ScentBlocker® clothing from DICK'S Sporting Goods. ScentBlocker® apparel is engineered for performance on your hunt. Your smell can give you away, but this excellent clothing has got you covered. Traditional camouflage patterns render you hard to spot, while synthetic odor-blocking chemicals ensure your game never knows you're coming. There are two main ways to use these products:

  1. Outfit for the hunt with scent-concealing pants and bibs or shirts and jackets.
  2. Specially designed soaps, sprays and laundry detergent work to quell odors before the hunt begins.

Be ready from head to toe with hats, gloves and other accessories. When the temperature drops, odor-blocking base layers keep you warm and undetected. Take your hunting pride to the streets with camo-print tees, hoodies and hats.

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Expert Advice

Give Yourself a Huge Advantage in the Field

Odor-control is a game-changer for your hunt: this proprietary synthetic odor technology absorbs 40 percent more odor than Zeolite and carbon.

Your hunting clothing and outerwear should be designed for absolute weather protection. Water-repellent fabrics keeps you dry while a breathable outer membrane ensures your jackets, vests and bibs remain comfortable. Don't fumble with your equipment or have difficulty moving around your tree stand or hunting blind because of bulky clothing. Lightweight technology ensures your outerwear won't hold you back, is easy to layer and safeguards you from the elements.

Get closer to prey, undetected. Odor-blocking shampoos, body soap and spray eliminate body and clothing scents — before you step into the field. Scent-eliminating spray absorbs scents and odors, so you can prep your field clothing and boots for the day ahead.

Look for ScentBlocker® clothing and apparel designed with soft fleece and brushed interior liner, which keeps you comfortable during long hours in the field. Comfortable clothing leads to less fatigue as you silently and odorlessly wait for your prey to approach.

Don't shiver while you wait for that buck. Check out hand, toe and body warmers from DICK'S Sporting Goods.