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Performance At The Shore: Shakespeare® Fishing Equipment

Relish your day on the water with the right gear. Shakespeare® fishing equipment is crafted for reliable performance, cast after cast.

Start with the basics-like Shakespeare® rods, Shakespeare® reels and combos built for the perfect balance of toughness and sensitivity. Organize your lures and hooks on the go with Shakespeare® tackle bags, boxes and kits.

From walleye to trout, reel in your trophy catch with a rod from the Ugly Stik collection or the brand's GX2 Series. Shakespeare® also designs performance reels, rods and combos for women and youth anglers.

Expert Advice

Shakespeare® fishing reels, rods and combos are specially crafted for a variety of game fish and fishing environments.

Skakespeare® surfcasting rods are used to fish in saltwater. Surfcasting combos look like larger spinning rods and feature a long grip handle, which allows anglers to get a two-hand grip for pulling in large fish. A short taper at the end of the rod tip ensures accuracy, while a backbone at the power portion of the rod provides stability. Shakespeare® Tidewater rids are an alternative to surfcasting rods.

Shakespeare® spinning rods are built to handle smaller bait. A simple, anti-reverse mechanism on a spinning reel prevents line form spooling off after your fish bites. Casting rods from Shakespeare® feature the reel and guides on top. These fishing poles are great for anglers who plan to cast several hundred times during a fishing trip. Casting reels and rods can easily handle heavy line and fish in dense cover.

From lakeside to the seashore, bring in your next trophy catch with the help of a Shakespeare® fishing reel. Reels from Shakespeare® are crafted for smooth retrieve, strength and corrosion resistance. Saltwater reels and other components are specially designed to be resistant to saltwater fishing.

Shakespeare® baitcasting and conventional reels work with the weight of your lure as it pulls downward on the line, turning the spool to release more line. More experienced anglers prefer this type of reel, particularly when fishing larger species in saltwater.

Shakespeare® spinning reels are mounted on the underside of a spinning rod. The spool on the spinning reel is parallel to the rod and does not rotate when you cast. These rods greatly minimize line tangling.

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