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Softball Cleats for Women, Girls & Men

Get the lockdown stability you need on the field with softball cleats from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Your softball cleats are among your most important tools on the diamond, providing protection, traction and shock absorption to keep you ready for the next play. Best of all, the latest women's softball cleats come packed with a variety of technical features to help you maximize your game.

Select between metal-spiked cleats, molded-spiked cleats and trainer shoes. Shop your favorite brands, including Nike®, Mizuno®, New Balance® and 3N2®.

Find a pair of cleats that match the rest of your uniform. Shop by color:

Always view product information when selecting your women's softball cleats. There you can learn about specific features, materials and weights. Need more? Check out the full collection of women's softball equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Always consider cleat type when making your selection. Players should first consult with their local league for rules and regulations on specific cleat types. Molded cleats are typically made of a plastic material. This type of cleat is ideal for novice and beginning players—they’re lighter, more versatile and more comfortable than their metal counterparts.

Metal cleats offer exceptional traction. They’re thinner in comparison to molded studs and better penetrate the ground’s surface. They perform well in dirt and grass, but not turf. Again, your local league will provide you guidelines on your cleat selection.

For better breathability, choose cleats with perforated or mesh uppers. Lightweight padding through the midsole can provide extra cushion and shock absorption. An extended ankle collar can help stabilize you on the field.


How to Care for Your Softball Cleats