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Speed Bags

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High-Intensity Training: Speed Bags For Your Home Gym

It's time to take your boxing and MMA training to the next level. Outfit your home gym with a speed bag to improve heart health, hand-eye coordination and so much more.

No matter your skill level, speed bags are a great tool to improve basic boxing skills and complement your full workout regimen. How does a speed bag work? The compact bag is mounted to a ceiling or secure overhead structure. Then, the bag rebounds at high speeds after each hit, allowing you to work on speed, agility and general coordination with each and every hit. It's no wonder speed bag training has become a fundamental workout routine for so many athletes.

You can select from a variety of rebound speed bags. For an authentic ring-side feel, try a leather speed bag. Outfit your home gym with mounts and speed bag training accessories, so you can get the most of your workout.