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    All Available Brand CLOSE X
    A & R (27)
    American Athletic Shoe (19)
    Battle (2)
    Battle Sports Science (1)
    Bauer (181)
    CCM (116)
    DBX (13)
    EZPuck (3)
    Easton (81)
    Fightdentist (14)
    Franklin (41)
    Gatorade (12)
    Gongshow Gear (26)
    Green Biscuit (9)
    Grit (3)
    Howies Hockey (18)
    Mission (35)
    Nike (120)
    Nutty Buddy (2)
    Reebok (101)
    Roces (21)
    Sherwood (35)
    Shock Doctor (94)
    Smart Hockey (3)
    TapouT (4)
    Tour Hockey (52)
    USA Hockey (26)
    Warrior (51)
    Winnwell (21)
    Zephyr (1)
    Zuca (35)
    elite HOCKEY (38)
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Top Hockey Brands

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The Best In The Sport: Shop Top Hockey Brands

Shop the brands experienced players trust. Explore the entire collection of top hockey brands at DICK’S Sporting Goods—and get your hands on some of the best gear in the sport.

The right pair of skates. A hockey stick that helps you rip through shots. Seniors and youth players alike can find the hockey gear that matches their game at DICK’S Sporting Goods. Explore the top brands in hockey now:

  • Bauer® Hockey: This industry leader includes ice hockey skates, sticks, helmets and apparel.
  • CCM® Hockey: CCM® features ice hockey skates, sticks, helmets and accessories, in addition to a full street hockey equipment collection.
  • Easton® Hockey: Easton® hockey sticks are crafted for elite and recreational play. Select from a wide variety of senior, intermediate and junior sticks. After you’ve selected your stick, fortify yourself with Easton® hockey protective gear.
  • Reebok® Hockey: Reebok® gear includes sticks, skates and confidence-inspiring protective gear. Goalie and roller hockey player can equip with gear specially designed for their game.

Looking for more? Explore the entire hockey equipment and apparel collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods, including hockey sticks and hockey skates .