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Trigger Point® Rollers & Gear for Your Workout

Enhance your stretching and massage routines with Trigger Point® foam rollers, hand coolers, and other innovative stretching aids at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Trigger Point® massage balls and rollers are an excellent way to get your body ready for an intense workout, and to help your muscles recover after exercise.

Choose from an impressive collection of foam roller designs, including mini foam rollers, quad rollers, textured rollers, and more. Constructed from durable cloth and foam materials, Trigger Point® massage balls and rollers are designed to provide a soft, soothing feel while still delivering an effective massaging action to your legs, arms, back, and torso.

Browse all Trigger Point® accessories or browse the full assortment of exercise and workout equipment.

Expert Advice

Trigger Point® massage rollers and balls are popular with athletes in many different sports. They are used to provide a pleasant, useful massage before or after a workout. Keep these points in mind as you select your Trigger Point® items:

  • If you plan to use your Trigger Point® products on many different muscle groups, you may want to start with an all-purpose roller or ball.
  • If you want to focus your efforts on a particular set of muscles, such as your quads or lats, you may also want to pick up a cold roller or other roller specifically designed for those areas.

If you travel often, it’s a good idea to add a mini foam roller or handheld roller to your workout gear, so that you can bring a roller with you when you’re away from home. In addition to the comfort they provide before and after a workout, Trigger Point® massage rollers can help you relieve your muscles after a long day in a car or on a plane.

Trigger Point® rollers can be used for more than just massage and stretching. Use yours to add a new element to your push-ups, crunches, and other favorite exercises.