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Discover Vans® Atwood Skate Shoes

Experience the sleek design and plush cushioning of Vans® Atwood skate shoes. From the park to the street, this breakthrough footwear comes in a variety of styles for men and women, including low-tops and high-tops.

Vans® Atwood shoes feature a traditional skate shoe silhouette, with clean lines and tasteful accents that look great with a wide range of clothing styles. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who loves skate style, you’ll find women’s and men’s Vans® Atwood shoes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Vans® Atwood shoes are a popular choice for skateboard enthusiasts, as well as people who simply appreciate the classic look and comfortable fit of Atwoods. When you’re shopping for a new pair of Atwood shoes, keep a few things in mind:

  • Skate shoes are built to provide maximum stability and cushion. Because of this unique construction, they’re great for mastering tricks on your board, but not ideal for activities like running. Consult product information for details on fit and feel.
  • High topped skate shoes are a good choice if you’re looking for a shoe with added ankle support. Vans® Atwood high-tops provide excellent stability, while the waffle grip outsole helps you stay steady on your skateboard during difficult maneuvers.
  • Head to the skate park in your Vans® Atwood shoes. Try wearing dark or neutral colored shoes to complement a vibrantly colored top, or choose a pair of Atwoods in bright red or blue to create a uniquely eye-catching look.
  • You can add even more possibilities to your wardrobe by picking up an extra pair of shoes in a second color. Vans® Atwoods are available in dozens of options, including solid tones, animal prints and stripes. Many Atwoods also feature outsoles in colors like tan, black or gray that complement the shoes’ upper.