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Pool Tables & Billiard Supplies

Learn More About Pool Tables & Billiard Supplies


Take Your Shot: Types of Pool Tables & Accessories

It's a game room classic. Bring a billiards table into your home for a game everyone can join in on.

Choose a pool table built with remarkable craftsmanship. Look for sturdy tables designed in solid cherry, maple, laminate and sleek metals, and outfitted with smooth wool and nylon cloths. Select from cloth colors ranging from traditional forest green, elegant burgundy and a variety of other hues.

Shop full-size pool tables or smaller, "bumper" pool tables ideal for use in where space is limited.

Get everything you need to bank shots in the pocket. Find cue sticks in a variety of colors, designed for optimal feel and playability. Pick up triangle racks, table covers and brushes and cleaning equipment to ensure your table lasts season after season. Shop billiards starter kits for ball sets and small essentials that help you make the most of your table.

Expert Advice

Select a pool table that matches your home.

Choose from a variety of materials, finishes and clothes for a table that fits in with your décor. Select from tables built with a heavy construction or those that are designed to be lightweight. For traditional play, opt for a premium table, built with a slate table top covered in seamless wool. For a lighter table, choose an alternative to slate, like Dur-A-Bond.

Details like embellished corner caps provide a stylish accent while molded gum-rubber cushioning provides responsive rebounds on every bank shot. Many pool tables come with a set of billiard balls, chalk, cue sticks and a rack.

For total versatility, cover your table with a pool conversion top that will allow you to play tennis. Turn to top brands like Mizerak® and Viper® for the quality you need.

Keep the game going with conversion tops that help you make the most of your pool table. Look for a conversion table that fits securely onto your existing table top and folds easily for storage. Shop pool accessories to pick up extra items or replace your old gear.

Browse a variety of pool cues designed for absolute playability: Select between one and two-piece cues. Two-piece designs screw together in the middle - a feature that allows for easy carrying.

Cue sticks are available in a variety of different tips: Hard-tipped cue sticks are durable and require minimal maintenance. These are ideal options for novice players. Advanced players prefer soft-tip sticks for their added control over the ball.