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Wicked Ridge Crossbows

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Precision Shooting Begins with Wicked Ridge® Crossbows

Wicked Ridge® crossbows combine pinpoint accuracy and performance with a sturdy yet lightweight design. Look for options such as tuneable cable yokes, instant detach 3 arrow quivers and camo styles for perfect concealment. Power touch triggers let you shoot without a hitch or a sound, and a dry-fire inhibitor eliminates the potential for an accidental dry fire.

DICK'S Sporting Goods offers TenPoint® Wicked Ridge® Crossbows with 3x Multi-Line™ scope providing unprecedented aim and accuracy.

Take down your prey quickly and accurately with Wicked Ridge® crossbows, also available in models designed especially for ladies or small-framed shooters. Additional crossbow package options include treestands and a set of 100-grain practice point arrows.

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