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Women's Bikes For Training Or Recreation

Get a lightweight feel without sacrificing the ride you crave. Shop women's-specific bikes, and meet your match on the road.

While most bikes are designed with a man's body in mind, women's-specific bikes are built to better accommodate a female's smaller size and frame, providing you with a more comfortable ride as you log miles in the saddle.

Take on the off-road in women's mountain bikes and women's 29ers, or gain speed and agility in a women's road bicycle. Cyclists get total versatility with a hybrid bike, while leisure riders love the smooth feel of a comfort or cruiser bike designed just for women cyclists.

Choose from frames designed of durable steel or lightweight aluminum. Shop bikes in wheel sizes ranging from 24-inches to 29-inches and 700c for road cyclists. Find bikes in subtle colors or bold hues that let you stand out on the road. Ride in style on a retro-inspired cruiser bike or minimize drag in a road bike that is engineered for speed – and nothing else.

Expect quality from industry-leading brands like Nishiki®, Diamondback®, Nirve® and many more.

Expert Advice

Women's bikes are engineered with the average-sized woman in mind and come with features like more narrow handlebars, wider seats and smaller components. The signature of a woman's-specific bike is its lighter frame that enables easier mobility and movement. Shorter top tubes and frames are designed to fit a women's torso and arms.

Choose a bike that matches the environment and terrain of your ride. Hybrid bicycles are ideal for riders who wish to transition from pavement to packed trails. Casual cyclists should opt for cruiser or comfort bikes on their ride.

Consider the frame of your bicycle: Aluminum is most commonly used material in bike frames and delivers a lightweight and agile ride. Steel, meanwhile, is durable and ideal for off-road cyclists.

On mountain bikes, look for wide wheels, a sturdy frame and higher clearance for rocks, mud and debris you will encounter on the trail. '29er' mountain bikes are increasingly popular amongst off-road cyclists. The 29-inch wheel is larger and heavier, making it slower to accelerate but easier to gain momentum.

Consider rim or disc brakes when purchasing your bike: Rim brakes employ a soft rubber brake pad, while disc brakes use a metallic disc as a pad.

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