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Sharpen Your Game with Women's Lacrosse Gear

Own the field with the right women's lacrosse gear for your game. Find women's lacrosse sticks, heads, apparel and more from the top brands in the game.

From practice to the big game, outfit yourself with the stylish lacrosse apparel for women.

Find lightweight lacrosse shorts and shirts, designed for a breathable fit and feel. Choose apparel with mesh ventilation panels for proper air circulation and moisture-wicking technology, which works to lift moisture from your skin for a dry feeling that lasts until the clock runs out. Pick up everything from stylish lacrosse headbands to training and compression apparel for women.

Bring total control and precision to your game with lacrosse shafts, heads and complete sticks. Pick up stringing kits and lacrosse accessories.

Find women's competitive lacrosse cleats for the traction and rugged durability. Get the right gear from the brands you trust Nike®, Under Armour®, Brine®, Champion® and more.

Expert Advice

Choose a lacrosse stick and gear engineered for the female player. Before you make your purchase, understand the components of your stick:

  • Heads are the top part of your lacrosse stick. Both strung and unstrung heads are available.
  • Shafts are the "bottom" part of your stick, also referred to as the handle.
  • A complete lacrosse stick is a shaft and strung head that come together.

Most women's lacrosse shafts are built of aluminum, titanium, scandium, alloys or composite. Composite shafts stay at a consistent temperatures outdoor and are available in a variety of textures and grips. Players can mix and match heads and shafts for a custom-like feel as they play.

The exact length of your lacrosse stick depends on your on-field position and comfort as a player. A goalie's shaft, also referred to as a handle,is typically longer at 52 inches.

Play with protection. Gain unbeatable grip with women's lacrosse gloves that deliver a second-skin fit and breathable feel while you're handling your stick. Shield your eyes with lightweight lacrosse goggles designed for an ergonomically correct fit on your face.

Your women's lacrosse cleats are an essential part of your game. Consider your playing surface when selecting the right pair of women's lacrosse footwear. Cleats are designed with molded or firm outsoles for natural surfaces. Turf and indoor-specific outsoles are also available.

Before you begin play, ensure the pocket of your head is broken in. Women's lacrosse typically requires a higher, shallower pocket. Some heads come with the pocket already broken in for play.

Prep for your game: Shop women's lacrosse training aids to sharpen your game.