Over the last five years, more than 21.8 million hunters took to the wild to hunt game including Whitetail deer, elk, rabbits and more. With an average of $1,050 spent on hunting excursions and hunting gear and equipment, the hunting industry rolls in $22.9 billion annually.

Across the U.S., the most popular domestic trophy is the Whitetail deer. For an average of 15 days, 10.7 million hunters tracked large game like deer, moose, and elk. With the aid of scent controllers, game feeders, large rifles, and archery bows, hunters battle acute hearing and smell to bag their prize.

While large game is the most popular, 4.8 million hunters spent about $500 each in pursuit of small game like the eastern cottontail rabbit, red fox, and beaver.

The true hunting challenge is migratory birds such as geese, duck, quail, and turkey—a call that 2.3 million people answered. To combat this sudden-moving, crafty game, hunters employ decoys, game calls, and blinds.

If this is your first year hunting or just one of many in a long tradition, take a look at our hunting bucket list. We want to know what’s on yours!

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