DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Reps are sports specific experts who live and breathe their sport, and embody our mission and values.

The Tech Reps are on the ground to provide you first-hand behind the scenes content, as well as tips on training and product advice.


Josh Muecke

Meet baseball Tech Rep, Josh Muecke. Josh most recently pitched for the AAA team, Colorado Springs Sky Sox. He has called the baseball field his office for the last 11+ years.

How to Keep Your Arm Strong All Season

Tech Rep Josh Muecke shares some easy exercises to help your rotator cuff and keep your throwing arm strong all year. Take care of yours and keep yourself on the field.

Fielding Tips

Baseball Tech Rep Josh Muecke provides some tips on how to field your position and attack the baseball before taking your momentum towards your target for a strong, accurate throw.

Choosing The Right Bat

Tech Rep Josh Muecke helps you with a few tips on selecting the right bat including a test for the length and whether or not the bat is too heavy for you. Some hit for power, and others hit for speed and to put the ball in play. Muecke explains how this plays a factor in which lumber you should be taking to the plate.

How To Throw A Change-Up

Tech Rep Josh Muecke breaks down the steps towards throwing what he thinks might be the most important pitch in the game, the change-up. Watch his tips on how to deliver it to the plate, and check out the rest of the Tech Rep series of videos for more help with your game.

Fun Stories From The Game

Baseball Tech Rep Josh Muecke shares some of his own fun stories from the road as a minor league pitcher, from the dugout, and the clubhouse. The game was meant to be fun, so share your funny stories from the game in the comments section.

Breaking In A New Glove

Baseball Tech Rep Josh Muecke discusses the steps to properly break in a new glove and introduces viewers to the in-store glove steamer.

Hitting Mechanics

Baseball Tech Rep Josh Muecke breaks down the mechanics of one of the toughest parts of the game ... making great contact with the bat. He details three main things to remember when stepping in the box. Balance, load, and explode through the ball. Take this tip to the diamond with you for the next game.

Meet Josh and Jen

This year's Tech Rep program has doubled in size. Baseball Tech Rep Josh Muecke is joined by former D1 softball player Jen Schroeder in order to bring you tips from both sports and help elevate your game to the next level.

Never Give Up

Tech rep Josh Muecke shares a lesson he learned early on in his baseball career: There's no substitute for hard work.

How To Get Noticed

If you come to the field with positive energy and hustle on every play, coaches will take notice. Tech rep Josh Meucke explains.


Whether it's to get pumped up before a game or to celebrate a home run, a unique handshake is a great way to build team chemistry. Tech rep Josh Muecke shows you some of his.

Control What You Can Control

The ball isn't going to always bounce your way. But tech rep Josh Muecke reminds you that there are three things you have control of every time out: Attitude, Commitment, Effort.

Every Day Get Better

You can't go from Little League to Cooperstown in a day. But you can do something every day to get better. How hard do you work when no one is watching?


Tech rep Josh Muecke's greatest baseball memory was when he accomplished one of the game's rare feats on the mound: a no-hitter.

Best Advice

Tech rep Josh Muecke reminds young athletes to play within themselves. Be who you are, and the results will follow.

Playing Multiple Positions

Tech rep Josh Muecke urges young players to be open to learning multiple positions. It could be what earns you a spot on the team.


Back in his playing days, Josh Muecke would do anything possible to keep a winning streak alive. In fact, he thinks he might have been a little overly superstitious.

Message To Girls

Baseball tech rep Josh Muecke has been impressed by the girls he's seen on the field. Not that he's surprised.

Pregame Rituals

Baseball players tend to be creatures of habit, and having a set routine on game day can help you prepare when you finally take the field.

Pitching Mechanics

DICK'S baseball tech rep Josh Muecke takes you through how to ensure your pitches turn into ground balls and not liners in the gap.


Tech rep Josh Muecke has been called everything from Lefty to Hollywood, and from the moment you step onto the field, your teammates will have a nickname ready.

Introducing Josh Muecke

Introducing Josh Muecke, former pro ballplayer and DICK'S baseball tech rep. Watch for him over the next few weeks as he gives tips to help you get the most out of your game.