• Sound System
  • Fan
  • LCD Screen
  • Programs
  • Quick Keys

Standard built-in sound system connects directly to your portable audio player with a supplied 3.5mm connection. An in-dash connection is also available to connect your headphones.

The new multi-position hand grips provide a new level of comfort and stability to your workout. The integrated incline and resistance controls are conveniently within reach, as well as the pulse-grips for immediate HR monitoring.

The integrated 2-degree inward slope and additional fitting controls help to optimize the ergonomics of your foot position and to prevent joint stress and numbness in the toes.

Sole designed their ellipticals with heavy flywheels and eddy-current braking systems to produce an incredibly smooth and comfortable operation. The 20-level power incline customizes the stride and workout effortlessly and conveniently

1. LCD Screen
2. Speakers
3. Fan
4. Cup Holders
5. Pulse Grips
6. Handlebar Controls
7. Flywheel
8. Adjustable Foot Pedals
9. Incline Motor
10. Transportation Handle
11. Stride Mechanism Rollers
12. Custom Foot pedals