Learn More About Airsoft Guns & Accessories

Prepare for an Action-Packed Battle

With premium airsoft guns & accessories from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll have a dependable and accurate weapon for target practice and gameplay. Browse this line of guns and Airsoft accessories and give yourself the right equipment to lead your team to victory. Gun models include a range of designs, from sidearms for close combat, to rapid fire assault weapons for storming the enemy's position and rifles made for pinpoint accuracy from long range.

In the accessories section, you'll find bulk ammo and CO2 cartridges to keep your team fully loaded, crucial safety gear to help you enjoy this rough sport, and a variety of cleaning and maintenance supplies to keep your weapon in top shape. From starter kits for the casual beginner, to high-tech weapons for the experienced player, there's something for every skill level in this collection.

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Develop a Winning Strategy

With Airsoft weapons, ammo and safety gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll have the gear you need to tackle a challenging adversary. In addition to quality equipment, your team will need to work together to maximize your collective firepower. Here are some concepts to work on as a squad:

  • Organization: Generally, small teams are best divided into two groups. This allows one group to hold a position, while the other out flanks the opposition.
  • Movement: When the time is right to advance, make sure you're all on the same page and have appropriate cover fire.
  • Specialization: Select your best marksman to act as the team's sniper, or send your fastest teammate to scout for enemy locations.

Research new strategies and practice working together. Soon, your unit will function like a well-oiled machine. From target shooting to a full on MilSim, you'll have the necessary equipment for victory with items from this line.

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