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Get in Gear with Bike Parts

Tune your bike to the journey ahead. Find bike parts and gear that give you a smooth ride, whether you're cruising through city streets or trekking on tough mountain terrain.

Outfit your ride with bike tires that deliver incredible tread and long-lasting use. Keep comfortable with adaptive bike seats designed with ample cushioning and an ergonomic fit to your body. Outfit your bike with pedals, cleats and tow clips, bike kickstands and more.

Keep quality-designed spare parts on hand, like bike chains, brass adapters and lever brakes. Skip the bike shop and fill your tool box with bike-specific tools. Get the quality you need from brands like Avenir®, Diamondback®, Nishiki® and Blackburn®.

Stay ready for every mile with in-store bike services at DICK'S, including:

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Learn More About Bike Parts & Tools

Every cyclist must expect the unexpected. Find durable, dependable bike equipment and parts for maintenance and repairs. Pack up for the ride with lightweight bike pumps and small tools that allow you to make quick adjustments on the road.

When picking out wheels or tires for your bike, size is the most important factor to consider. Stunting and jumping bikes typically feature 20-inch wheels, a size that enables the bike to better absorb shock from tricks.

Thickness of a wheel is also important: Riders older than 12 should choose a thickness of 1.75 inches or more.

Choose a bike seat based on your preference and comfort level, but also consider your size. Slender cyclists might need a more narrow seat. If you become uncomfortable during your ride, choose a seat with more padding. For smooth, casual riding, look to a seat with springs for natural-feeling give on the ride. Trail and dirt bikers should opt for a seat with minimal padding.

Look for seats designed with a contoured fit, including a gap down the center of the seat to relieve pressure in sensitive areas.

Casual, weekend riders should pick up tires, tubes, pedals and seats designed for moderate use. If you plan to participate in races or ride lengthy distance more than once a week, it's worthwhile to buy parts engineered specifically for racing and distance riding.

Consult manufacturer information to ensure your parts are designs to stand up to thousands of miles of wear. Pick up lightweight tires and parts that saves time on your course.

Distance riders should always be equipped with parts for unexpected repairs needed along the way. Choose tubes, tire levers and a small bottle of bike lube for your pack. Pick up a compact hand pump that easy attaches to your bike frame to handle emergencies along the course.