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Swing speed is the most important factor when selecting the Bridgestone® golf ball that's right for your game. Bridgestone® golf balls are available in two, three and four-piece constructions.

Two-piece golf balls are known as "distance golf balls." These golf balls promote yardage off the tee, with a solid, two-component construction. Golfers with low to mid swing speeds should opt for a Bridgestone® two-piece construction.

Three-piece golf balls are built with a solid core, wrapped in a responsive mid-layer and outer mantle. This specific construction generates energy and spin off the shot. The solid core promotes distance for golfers looking for extra yardage.

Bridgestone® four-piece golf balls contain two cores. This state-of-the-art construction regulates spin-you'll get low spin with a driver and higher spin from irons. Four-piece golf balls are generally soft, producing better feel and control on all shots. This type of golf ball is best suited for advanced players.

Bridgestone® irons are forged from premium carbon steel for total playability. Consider the construction of your Bridgestone® iron: A dual-pocket cavity transfers weight to the perimeter of the iron, boosting forgiveness on shots. Higher head and face progression enhance control for Tour-like performance.

The type of Bridgestone® golf ball you choose is critical to your game. Consider your needs as a golfer.

  • The Bridgestone® e5 is designed for players who seek higher ball flight and extra yardage, without sacrificing short-game precision. This two-piece ball features a dimple configuration that reduces drag for better launch.
  • The Bridgestone® B330 features an advance four-piece construction that minimizes spin and boosts launch of the tee. 330 dual dimples along the mantle ensure your shot is reliable.
  • The Bridgestone® Treo soft is optimized for a specific brand of player-one with moderate swing speeds. Seamless cover technology produces consistent flight, while a uniform dimple mantel enhances accuracy and control.