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Brine® Lacrosse Equipment For Your Game

Before you step on the lacrosse field, suit up with one of the most trusted in names in the sport—Brine® lacrosse. High performance gear will help you up your game in three ways:

  1. Increased durability. Don't break a stick or basket in the heat of action.
  2. Maximum safety. Wear padding that is up to the task.
  3. Improved grip. Feel the difference in agility and control.

Brine® lacrosse gear is crafted for performance during aggressive play. Stay safe on the field. High tech protective gear features responsive foam cushioning and an ergonomic design. Browse gloves and shoulder pads that shield while maintaining natural air flow. Compression-molded polyurethane helps boost protection.

Lace up a pair of Brine® lacrosse cleats for breakneck speed and traction on the field. Lacrosse-specific cleats are specially built for the rigors of the game, so you’ll get the right balance of lightweight feel and lockdown stability.

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Expert Advice

Always choose the right gear for your playing style. Here are several things to keep in mind while shopping for high performance lacrosse equipment:

  • Are you looking for out-of-the box playability, or making a customized stick out of parts? A beginner might want a preassembled stick. A seasoned player might want to mix and match parts and create their ideal stick.
  • Are you looking for lightweight, nimble gear? Are you looking for heavier padding, and sticks that are more forgiving when it comes to handling the ball?
  • Will your style of play change? More versatile gear is great for beginners, whereas specialized gear is perfect for players who know their roles.

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