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Stay Safe with Field Hockey Protective Gear

Browse this large collection of field hockey protective gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods and make sure you have all the right equipment this season. Choose from a range of field hockey shin guards, padded gloves and goggles. Field hockey pads in this selection are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for both beginner and experienced athletes.

Don't let poorly fitting gear slow you down on game day. With this premium lightweight field hockey equipment, you can focus more on your agility, vision and ball control. Impact cushioning will help keep you protected during rough plays and give you the peace of mind to perform at your peak in every game.

Shop field hockey protective equipment today and discover a range of options from popular industry-leading brands, including STX®, Harrow® and Grays®. This high-quality gear will help you stay safe as you crush the competition.

  • Field Hockey Gloves: Available in both full- and half-finger styles, so you can choose what feels best for you. Textured grip patterns help you maintain control of your stick in a variety of weather conditions. Field hockey goalkeeper gloves are designed with extra thick padding for maximum protection.
  • Field Hockey Shin Guards: Features such as foam lining, hard plastic shells and adjustable straps offer incredible protection in a custom-like fit. Vented designs enhance breathability and air flow.
  • Field Hockey Goggles & Facemasks: Choose from foam goggles, transparent field hockey masks and wire goggles. Full facemasks are great for the short corner phase, while goggles deliver full-game comfort and protection.

Give yourself an advantage on the field with performance field hockey sticks or shop the complete collection of field hockey gear and equipment from DICK'S Sporting Goods.