Learn More About Fishing Lures

Put The Right Fishing Lure On The End of Your Line

Ready to hook a big one? With fishing lures from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll reel in a great catch in no time. Whether you're looking for hard baits or soft plastic fishing bait, you'll find everything from worm to realistic egg bait options.

First consider the environment in which you'll be fishing to find your best lure options. Think about the time of season, water depth and if the fish will be spawning, mating or actively feeding. Your choice will vary depending on environmental factors. Sometimes the best way to find what works for a lake or stream is to try multiple options.

Choose from popular choices such as spinnerbaits and fishing spoons. Or try jointed bait made from soft plastic material which uses 3D technology to create micro-movements that are amazingly life-like.

Take on all types of fish with spinners, many of which feature an offset body design that helps to reduce line twist. Get the catch-of-your-day with inline spinners that create attractive underwater noise.

DICK’S Sporting Goods carries fishing lures to keep you reeling in your catches all day long. For more fishing equipment and accessories, check out the wide variety of fishing gear at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Land A Trophy Catch Today

The art of fishing is all about matching timing and patience with the right lures. Stock your tackle box with an assortment of top quality designs from DICK'S Sporting Goods and have the perfect hook for the situation. You can't make the fish bite, but you can give them varied and interesting targets, and put your hook in the right place. Here are some additional strategies that might help you get some bites:

  1. Cast your lures near a sharp change in depth, weed line or change in light.
  2. Talk with other anglers. Where is the hot spot today, and what are they using to lure the fish?
  3. Watch for abnormal behavior from birds and baitfish.

Every angler develops their own technique. They have their own lucky lures and their own favorite spot. For many, these change year after year. Try new locations, and most importantly, try new fishing lures.

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