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Fishing Electronics for Underwater Clarity

Let technology give you an edge on your next fishing expedition.

Find the best fish finder, flasher or underwater camera for your next day on the water. Shop the fishing and marine electronics collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods, and bring home your next game fish:

  • Use a fish finder for a real-time view of baitfish and game fish in the area surrounding your boat. Pinpoint water temperatures, conditions and other underwater features that help you better locate fish
  • Underwater cameras help anglers locate fish
  • GPS systems enable anglers to find a location that's likely to produce high yield
  • Flashers are electronic devices that use sonar to locate fish and determine water depth

The latest fishing electronics products help boost your fishing yield with high-tech features, like detailed US lakes, river and coastal contours, high-visibility screens and built-in memory to store thousands of maps and waypoints.

Find everything you need for your day by the water. Shop fish finders and fishing electronics from top brands like Garmin®, Lowrance® and Humminbird®.

Also called sounders and depth finders, fish finders operate by sending sound waves into the water by way of a transducer. This sound wave reflects off an object, including a fish or structure below the water. These echoes are interpreted by the fish finder and shown on your display.

Fish finders and flashers are a must for ice anglers. The power of your fish finder determines its maximum usable length. Saltwater anglers require a higher-powered device, as saltwater absorbs more energy.

Utility matters most when it comes to your fishing electronics. Finders come in two styles, LCD displays and color displays. Some sets are sold with instructional DVDS, to help you quickly get the hang of using your device.

A fish finder with built-in GPS capabilities is the ultimate tool for any angler. A device that function as both a fish finder and GPS system saves space and provides accurate navigation and spot location.