Fly Fishing Gear and Accessories

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Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Gear

You can fly fish almost anywhere fish live ? ponds, lakes, and even in the ocean. Regardless of your experience level, having the proper outfit is essential for a successful trip.

Available for fly fishing in both freshwater and saltwater, the basic outfit includes:

  • Fly Fishing Rod: Fly rods are designed to cast a fly as opposed to traditional bait. They vary by size and strength.
  • Fly Fishing Reel: Fly reels have unique features which allow them to easily attach to a fly rod. The main purpose of the fly reel while fishing is to hold idle line.
  • Fly Fishing Line: Fly line varies by a variety of factors and is dependent on location and type of fish.
  • Fly Fishing Leaders & Tippet: Fly leaders are used to attach the fly line to the fly, while a tippet is a piece of flexible line that helps the fly realistically imitate an insect.
  • Fly Fishing Flies: There are a variety of flies that are made to imitate various insects depending on the type of fish you are intending to catch.

At DICK?S, you will also find fly fishing combos, which conveniently provide you with a rod, reel, and line all in one. In addition, fly-tying supplies, float tubes & pontoons and fly fishing accessories are offered to complete your expedition.

Size Chart

Choosing The Right Weight

As with traditional fishing, fly gear varies by size depending on your chosen location and the type of fish you are intending to catch. Fly outfits vary by weight from #1 weight, the lightest, all the way to up to #15 weight, which is designed for the largest fish. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start somewhere in the middle with an outfit ranging from a #4 to a #7 weight. Rods, reels, and lines are marked by weight to simplify your selection process.