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From the hardwood to the pitch and everywhere in between, DICK'S Sporting Goods has the athletic footwear your season needs. Find the right shoe for your game-explore the collection now:

Check out a variety of hot styles and performance-ready constructions. Find footwear for your game from your favorite brands- Nike®, Crossfit® shoes by adidas® or sport shoes from Reebok® and Under Armour®.

Expert Advice

It’s time to rethink your athletic footwear.

Your shoes or cleats should be crafted with details that make a difference in your game. Go for contoured, cushioned midsoles and uppers that feel breathable when you’re pushing the pace. Football, soccer and golf cleats are available with traction-enhancing outsoles, optimized for the unique needs of each game’s athletes. Technical inner liners wick away sweat as you sprint ahead of the competition.

From basketball shoes that stabilize you to tennis shoes that support quick, lateral movements, the right athletic shoe delivers an edge to your game.

The fit of your footwear is essential. Follow this simple guide to learn how to properly lace your athletic shoe, based on your foot type:

For Narrow Heels and Feet:

Follow a normal lacing pattern up the last pair of holes. For narrow feet, buy shoes with eyelets that zig-zag up the placket. Tighten from the outer eyelets, pulling the body of the shoe towards the center. At the last whole, tighten the laces and thread into the last hole without criss-crossing. Do not pull the laces all the way through, but leave a loop on each side. Now cross the laces and thread them each through the loop on the outer side before tightening and tying.

For Low Arches:

See the “loop lacing” technique used for a narrow heel. Criss-cross lace your shoes as normal halfway up the placket. Use loop-lacing the rest of the way up.

For High Arches:

Begin lacing as normal, criss-crossing and stopping after the first set of holes. Thread your laces straight up each side of the shoe, only before threading the last hole.

For Wide Feet:

Thread laces through the first set of eyelets and then straight up each side without criss-crossing at all. Continue this way for two or three holes. Once you’ve passed the forefoot and can tighten without squeezing, begin criss-crossing and finish lacing the shoe as normal.

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