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Protect the Net With Hockey Goalie Equipment

Get ready for every shot and stay protected with hockey goalie pads and gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods. This collection includes street and ice hockey goalie equipment in a range of sizes for adult and youth athletes.

Shop top-quality hockey goalie equipment, including:

  • Hockey Goalie Sticks
  • Hockey Goalie Masks
  • Hockey Goalie Gloves & Blockers
  • Hockey Goalie Leg Pads
  • Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Proper-fitting hockey goalie equipment is a must for optimal protection. Hockey goalie pads, helmets and sticks should be comfortable and allow for a good range of motion, so make sure you find the size and fit that's right for you.

Pick up hockey goalie gear from big brands like Bauer® and CCM®. If you find a lower price on hockey goalie equipment somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

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What to Look for in Hockey Goalie Gear

Head to the rink with the protection you need to defend the net. Learn more about essential hockey goalie equipment for your game.

  • Hockey Goalie Sticks: Hockey goalie sticks are larger than regular hockey sticks. They feature a paddle area and wider blade to help block shots.
  • Hockey Goalie Masks: Look for a snug but comfortable fit. Hockey goalie masks feature a stainless steel or composite wire mesh cage for protection. Hockey goalie helmets are made of durable hard-shell plastic or composite. Many styles come with adjustable padding and other features to ensure a good fit.
  • Hockey Goalie Gloves & Blockers: Hockey goalie catch gloves, or trappers, are worn on your non-stick hand. They feature an oversized catching area, precurved palm, molded thumb and individual finger areas. Hockey goalie blockers are worn on your stick hand. They feature a padded palm to hold the stick and a wide blocker piece to deflect shots.
  • Hockey Goalie Leg Pads: Most hockey goalie leg pads come in light colors to blend in with the boards and ice. Choose between plastic clips and metal clips. Plastic clips are easier to open and close and are recommended for youth players. Metal clips are more durable but can be more difficult to adjust.
  • Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors: Chest protection is vital, offering a barrier between the goaltender and the puck. Hockey goalie chest pads are typically designed with nylon wrapped around layers of foam or padding.

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