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Let The Games Begin: Shop Indoor Games for Your Rec Room

Bring the competition inside with indoor games from DICK'S Sporting Goods. From a performance bowling ball to the right air hockey table for the rec room, explore the full games collection to find the match for your family.

Indoor games are the ultimate way to keep the fun going year-round. Set up a poker game for your next-get-together or outfit your home with a quality-crafted billiards table. Select games for all age groups and skill levels.

Pool Tables & Cues: A pool table is more than a game-it's a statement piece for your home. Select from full-size pool tables constructed of cherry, maple and sleek metals. Where space is limited, choose a bumper pool table or a pool tabletop. Conversion table tables fit security onto an existing table and can be easily packed away when not in use.

Dartboards: Darts are a game room staple. At DICK'S Sporting Goods, they're available in two separate categories: Electronic dartboards and traditional bristle boards. Electronic boards can record player scores for convenience, while a bristle dartboard is constructed with a staple-free wires. These self-healing boards are regulation size and designed for professional use.

Basketball Arcade Games: Shoot hoops indoors with an electronic basketball game. Some set-ups come with two hoops for double the fun. Electronic timers keep the heat going. And you'll be able to store and record scores and personal bests. Mount a mini basketball hoop to wall or door and sink shots from your room.

Shop popular brands for indoor games everyone will love-like Butterfly®, Franklin®, Trademark Poker®, AccuDart® and many others.

Learn More About Rec Room Games

Everyone loves the classics—foosball, pool or a game of table tennis. Keep these tips in mind when selecting indoor games for your family.

Some of the best indoor games are compact, ones that you can pack up when not in use.

Combination game tables are the ultimate in versatility. These games come with multiple tabletops for different games than can be easily switched out to keep the fun going. Play basketball shoot-outs, glider hockey, pool and much more.

Mini tabletop games are great to pack up for the campground or a road trip. Think mini-foosball, backgammon and shuffleboard.

For little ones, check out kids' indoor games. These age-appropriate games are specially designed for the skill level of young children and include mini foam bowling sets, pint-size table tennis and light-up hockey goal sets. Consult product information for age guidelines on specific products.