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Marmot® Gear For Your Outdoor Adventure

Head out on the trail with Marmot® equipment and apparel. This breakthrough collection is crafted for your backcountry adventure.

Settle in for the night with Marmot® tents and sleeping backs, and log miles with Marmot® hiking backpacks and equipment. When Mother Nature is unpredictable, you can bundle up in a Marmot® jacket and cold-weather accessories—like beanies and gloves.

Marmot® apparel is essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Feel comfortable in lightweight T-shirts and button-ups as well as abrasion-resistant hiking pants and shorts.

With Marmot® gear, Mother Nature never stands in your way.

There’s a Marmot® jacket for every outing and season—select from burly down parkas to lightweight rain coats and soft fleece jackets.

Fleece jackets are ultra-versatile—where them alone or as a baselayer beneath a soft shell. And make a splash in a Marmot® rain jacket, crafted with an ultra-breathable yet water-resistant membrane that blocks chill and moisture.

Marmot® down jackets are filled with plush insulation and coated in a water-resistant treatment that helps you brave the cold. Accessorize with insulated gloves, sleek beanies and knit winter hats.

Relish the campground in a Marmot® tent.

Marmot® tents are constructed in the “dome tent” style, which is aerodynamic, stable and easy to set up. This model of tent easily sheds all types of precipitation. Look for details like seam-sealed taping for extra protection against the elements. Interior pockets help keep your gear organized at the campsite.

When you’re out on the trail, rest is critical. So get some sleep in a Marmot® sleeping bag. Marmot® sleeping bags are available in rectangular and mummy-style designs:

  • Rectangular Marmot® sleeping bags are cut with wider space in both the shoulder and leg areas. These are ideal for wide-frame backpackers or campers who move around frequently in their sleep.
  • Mummy Marmot® sleeping bags are designed to minimize “dead air” in the sleeping bag for maximum warmth. These bags are cut for a wide area in the shoulders that slims to a narrow fit in the legs, promoting efficient warmth in cold temperatures. A hood provides extra coverage for your head.