Learn More About Nikon Optics

Learn More About Nikon® Optics

Gain brilliant vision and clarity with optics from Nikon®.

Get ruggedness, durability and an exceptional view from Nikon®. Select from Nikon® devices including:

Keep your target in sight with innovative riflescopes from Nikon®. Spot game across any terrain with scopes that are sleek, lightweight and built for clarity and contrast on the move.

Get an up-close view from far away in the outdoors or from up high in a stadium or venue. Whether you are on the hunt, sightseeing or bird watching, seek out the type of Nikon® binoculars that deliver the view you desire.

Equip yourself with a rangefinder from Nikon® to measure the distance between you and your target with absolute precision. The lightweight feel and advanced optics of a spotting scope delivers remarkable performance in any weather condition or environment.

Select optics devices that are designed for your excursion.

Hunters gain precision on their shot like never before with Nikon® optics. Look for scopes designed for hunting game that ranges from buck to varmint. Select a rangefinder designed for hunting or archery.

Full-size and mid-size binoculars are ideal for wildlife viewing or bird watching. Compact binoculars are ideal for daytime use, like catching a concert from high up in a stadium.

Whether you are hunting or sightseeing, look for optics devices that feature a coated lens to deliver a crisp, bright image with the level of detail you need. Choose devices that are shockproof and fogproof so you can hit your target in unpredictable weather.

Look for scopes that range from varmint, rimfire, muzzleloader, MSR, and many more types.

Nikon® optics are engineered with a lightweight, ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. A rubber grip on your binoculars or rangefinder allows for no-slip handling. Ensure that your device is easy to adjust and focus in the field.

Look for binoculars with coated lenses to deliver a brighter, higher contrast image. Generally, binoculars with a magnification of 6x30 are ideal for viewing a concert, theater or opera. Starwatching, hunting and general-purpose binoculars typically provide a magnification of 7x35. Long-distance bird watchers might opt for a pair with magnification of 8x40.