Learn More About Odyssey Golf

Line up your shot and take your stroke.

Odyssey® crafts some of the best putters in game. And every golfer knows their putter is personal business-so find the one that's right for your playing style. Explore the Odyssey® putter collection now:

Expect difference-making details in your Odyssey® putter. High-contrast alignment technology accentuates face angle, both through stroke and at impact. Counterbalance putters from Odyssey® are weighted in the grip of the shaft, blending the look and feel of a traditional putter with the stability of a long putter.

And Odyssey's® White Hot technology inserts produce unmatched feel and sound across the ball's striking surface. Insert putters from Odyssey® feature soft composite fill material that extend the putter's sweet spot.

Consider the different head designs available from Odyssey®:

  • Blade heads are narrow and flat, providing the best feel for the ball. These are a popular choice among low-handicappers.
  • Mallets have a large, rounded head with weight balanced throughout the club, allowing for a consistent stroke.
  • Alignment putters feature detailing that frames the alignment of your putter with the ball, helping you better line up your shot.