Learn More About Agility Training Equipment

Learn More About Performance Training Equipment

Train harder and train better. When you're ready to step up your game, do it with performance training equipment from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Increase speed with proven training equipment-like agility ladders and speed sleds. Move better with agility training tools-like speed hurdles and reaction balls. Then, build strength with power training equipment, including plyo box sets and resistance trainers. Which area are you looking to improve?

Elevate your game with gear from trusted fitness brands, like SKLZ® and Fitness Gear®.

Support training needed to strengthen muscles, improve endurance and perfect your form and technique. The right performance training equipment ensures you're a well-rounded athlete—no matter your sport.

Think about the performance areas you hope to develop. Speed sleds, sacs and chutes hone both speed and power, while hurdles, cones and floor ladders develop better agility, balance and speed.

If you're looking to increase strength and power, try a power sled, sandbag or plyometric box. Pull an expanding cable or resistance trainer to build power. To improve power, change up your routine with different levels of resistance cables.

Performance training equipment is the gear that makes good athletes great. This equipment helps you:

  • Increase Speed: Achieving speed is essential in almost every game.
  • Build Strength: Use strength-training equipment to build power, increase endurance, tone and flexibility.
  • Improve Power: Power training combines skills combined through speed and strength training. Plyometrics is a great example of power training. Plyometrics is sometimes called "jump training" or "plyos." These exercises train muscles to exert maximum force in short spurts of time—boosting both speed and power simultaneously.