Learn More About STX Apparel & Gear

Learn About STX® Apparel & Equipment

It's time to elevate your season with performance-designed STX® lacrosse and field hockey equipment.

A perfectly strung lacrosse stick is your ultimate weapon on the field. STX® lacrosse delivers up industry-leading heads, shafts and complete sticks for players of all skill levels. When the game's on the line, count on STX® gear for great feel, durability and precision. Shop now for STX® lacrosse gear, including STX heads, shafts and more.

Once you've found your stick, pick up gloves, pads, balls and even goalie gear. Lacrosse not your game? Outfit for field hockey season with STX® field hockey sticks, bags, goggles and even complete sets.

The right lacrosse stick. It’s a balance of power, sensitivity and precision on the field. Learn more about how to find the right one for your game:

  • Shaft: Most shafts are composed of aluminum, titanium, alloys or innovative carbon fiber composites. Each of these materials offer a specialized feel on the field. For example, titanium offers strength, while aluminum offers a lightweight feel for easy handling. Always consider your position and playing style when making your selection.
  • Pocket: Lacrosse pockets come with a traditional woven pocket or a mesh pocket. You can purchase your head strung or unstrung. Traditional pocket consist of nylon laces woven around leather straps, while mesh use a nylon webbing, woven in the side of the pocket.
  • Shooting Strings: This component is positioned horizontally near the top of your stick’s head and greatly impacts the ball’s balance and direction.

In addition to great lacrosse sticks, STX® offers men’s protective gear, including helmets, shoulder pads and arm pads to shield you from tough checks. You can also shop the women’s collection for goggles, women’s lacrosse gloves, bags, balls and more.