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Taste Victory with Premium Lacrosse Gear from Warrior

Shop this amazing selection of Warrior® lacrosse gear and apparel at DICK'S Sporting Goods and make sure you have the right equipment to dominate on game day.

From beginners all the way up to professionals, lacrosse equipment from Warrior has a well-earned reputation for being extra tough. Whether you live and breathe lacrosse or are just looking for a solid stick to play catch in the backyard, you'll find Warrior lacrosse gear is second to none.

Choose from heads, shafts, premade sticks, protective gear like gloves and shoulder pads, cleats, bags and a range of other lax accessories and apparel. With Warrior equipment, you know you're getting expertly manufactured items that will stand up in the heat of action. Concentrate on the game with the peace of mind that comes from playing with Warrior lacrosse products.

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Get an Advantage with the Right Lacrosse Gear

Lacrosse gear from Warrior at DICK'S Sporting Goods is strong and durable, which will help you achieve victory. The difference between premium equipment and lower quality gear is that top-quality equipment is both lighter and stronger. The right equipment can help a player improve their game in several areas, including:

  • Agility: The right cleats and great-fitting pads will help you stop and turn on a dime.
  • Speed: Good traction and lightweight pads will help you reach your maximum speed.
  • Ball Handling: With the right gloves, shaft and head, you'll find it easier than ever to wind in and out of defenders.
  • Shot Power & Accuracy: An incredible stick is the most important piece of equipment when it comes to firing a missile into the back of the net, but don't underestimate the role good traction and properly fitted pads play.

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