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Outfit your home gym with a weight shelf or weight rack. Think about the structure and capacity of your bench or rack—ensure it fits within the footprint of your home gym and allows for the types of exercises you wish to do. For example, some weight benches are adjusted to provide an incline or decline and provide space for sit-ups, crunches and push-ups. Find the weights you need to complete your home gym from Bowflex weights or our new brand ETHOS - shop ETHOS weights, kettlebells, and Slamballs online today.

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Beginners and skilled power-lifters alike can pick up gear engineered for their conditioning. Shop popular brands like Body-Solid®, Fitness Gear®, Rage® and many more.

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Choose the Right Weights for Your Workout

Strength training is essential to your workout regimen. Build muscle, gain endurance and improve flexibility—all through the use of weight lifting equipment.

Don't overlook details when selecting your dumbbells. Keep in mind the different parts of the dumbbell.

The weight load of your dumbbell is carried in the dumbbell plate. Most plates are made of iron and come in a variety of shapes diameters. Most dumbbells feature a handle that is one inch in diameter. Those with larger hands may want to look for dumbbells with a larger handle.

Kettlebells have become a popular strength-training tool in recent years. A kettlebell's simple structure provides a variety of training options for athletes of all skill levels. Professional steel grade and cast iron kettlebells are available, as well as kettlebell sets.

Weightlifting, in conjunction with regular cardio workouts, is proven to positively impact your physical health.

A regular strength-training regimen can improve balance and help athletes maintain a healthy weight. Lifting weights boosts your metabolic rate, enabling you to burn more calories post-workout. Plus, increased muscle mass and overall strength helps you work out longer and maintain higher levels of energy throughout the day.

No matter your favorite sport, strength training is a great way to supplement your current conditioning and take your performance to the next level.

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