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High Performance 100 Grain Broadheads For Crossbows & Compound Bows

Discover a new level of accuracy and performance with 100 grain broadheads from DICK'S Sporting Goods today. Browse dozens of 100 grain broadhead designs including an impressive variety of fixed blade and mechanical broadhead styles. You can choose from highly accurate 100 grain two-blade broadheads, 3-blade broadheads, and 4-blade broadheads from leading brands such as Grim Reaper®, New Archery Products®, Carbon Express®, Mossy Oak® and many more. Whether you're adding to your collection or just getting started with archery hunting, you're sure to find the 100 grain broadheads you need at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

100 grain broadheads are a popular choice with hunters who use compound bows and with crossbow hunters. Here are a few factors to consider as you shop for your new broadheads:

  • Mechanical broadheads are very consistent in flight, as their blades remain folded in until impact. They also tend to create larger blood trails, making it easy for you to track your game.
  • Fixed blade broadheads have no moving parts, making them especially durable. Fixed blade broadheads often have larger cutting points, helping improve penetration. In some cases fixed blade broadheads can be blown off target by the wind, as they have a larger profile in flight.
  • 100 grain broadheads are best suited for use with lighter weight arrow shafts, including aluminum and carbon shafts, while 125 grain broadheads are recommended for heavier shafts. Before you hunt, make sure that you are using the correct shaft type for your 100 grain broadheads.
  • 100 grain broadheads with three or four blades often deliver larger cutting diameters and more visible blood trails, making them a popular choice with some hunters. Today's two blade broadheads also provide excellent penetration and cutting power, and often have a more streamlined profile in flight, helping your arrow maintain its speed and accuracy.