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Dominate the Court with adidas Girls' & Boys' Basketball Shoes

Your kid will love playing a game of hoops in adidas kids' basketball shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Designed to meet the same high standards as all adult size sneakers, these shoes are brilliantly engineered to meet the demands of the basketball court.

An industry-leader for generations, adidas is famous for producing durable, premium footwear that is also sleek and stylish. Kids' adidas basketball shoes are also popular casual wear.

Help your little athlete gain an advantage at practice or on game day with adidas boys' basketball shoes and adidas girls' basketball shoes that include both high-top and mid-rise designs and come in a variety of colors, from eye-catching neon hues to classic black and white. Upgrade their footwear after a growth spurt with sneakers from adidas.

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Modern adidas Youth Basketball Shoes for the Modern Athlete

At DICK'S Sporting Good, adidas basketball shoes for kids are specially engineered to give your child an edge on the court. Just like adult designs, they take into account all the motions that players go through throughout a game. They are crafted to provide arch and ankle support in all directions and absorb the force of landing after lunging for a rebound, blocking a shot or driving to the hoop. Other benefits of adidas youth basketball shoes include:

  • Breathability: A breathable upper lets excess body heat escape and helps them feel cool and comfortable.
  • Improved Grip: A high-quality bottom sole is made to provide excellent grip for 360 degree movement.
  • Lockdown Fit: A snug, yet comfortable lockdown fit helps keep their heel from sliding around and prevents blisters from forming.

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