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Learn More About Adult Bicycles

Find the men or women's bike that's right for you. Whether you're cruising down city streets or taking on the roughest mountain terrain, choose an adult bicycle that matches your needs as a cyclist. Gain the right level of traction, comfort and feel on your course.

Select a bike model engineered for performance:

  • Mountain bikes are designed to handle rough terrain encountered on unpaved trails and off-road adventures. These bikes are built with sturdy frames and high clearance that enables them to overcome mud, rocks and debris encountered on the trail.
  • Hybrid bikes are best for casual road riding or cruising along smooth dirt trails. Hybrids are an excellent utility bike.
  • Comfort bikes are designed for recreational riders on paved trails and smoother surfaces.
  • Cruiser bikes are designed for style. Leisure riders love biking neighborhood streets or the community park on a cruiser designed with vintage-inspired features, fun colors and an eye-catching design.
  • Road bikes are best for riding on pavement. These bikes are a great match for commuters, fitness riders and long-distance athletes.
  • BMX bikes are designed to perform tricks and jumps on the track or at the park.
  • Folding bikes take more of a minimalist approach and are great for saving storage space. Riders sit in a comfortable, upright position and can fold up the bike to store indoors.

Think about where you will ride your bike: will you be trail riding or cruising down neighborhood streets? Choose your bike based on your size and the type of cycling your plan to do.

Off-road cyclists should look for a bike constructed with a sturdy frame and wide tires, while road cyclists need a lightweight bike that delivers a smooth ride and superior agility.

Cyclists looking to bike both on and off-road should consider a hybrid bike that blends features of road and mountain bikes for total versatility. Look for features that add comfort and ease of movement to your ride, like narrow handlebars and wider seat.

Comfort bikes are ideal for leisure cyclists looking for a relaxing ride and ample shock absorption. Serious long-distance riders, meanwhile, might opt for the tenacity and sleek design of a cyclocross bike.

Aluminum is the most common material used in the construction of bicycles and delivers a lightweight feel for an agile ride. This material is an essential for speed or long-distance riders. Steel proves the most durable in a variety of terrains and conditions, a feature that is an asset to mountain cyclists.

Consider the braking system on your bike. Coaster brakes engage with reverse pressure on the pedals. Rim brakes employ a soft rubber brake pad, while disc brakes use a metallic disc as a pad.