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Learn More About Athletic Cups & Supporters

Experience an Incredible Fit with Cups & Supporters

With an athletic supporter and athletic cup from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll be more protected against that unpredictable slap shot, grounder hit or hard tackle.

For some activities, wearing a sports cup or jockstrap is essential. More obvious sports include football and hockey, but soccer, basketball and baseball players can also benefit from this essential protective accessory. For example, a baseball cup can help you block that pitch in the dirt without worry.

Running and performing other athletic movements with an ill-fitting or poorly designed cup can hinder your mobility and give you a disadvantage on the field or ice. Cups and supporters in this collection are engineered to fit snugly and stay in position while still allowing a comfortable running stride and range of motion.

Choose a sports cup from this selection and stay safe on your way to victory. Supporters are available in classic jockstrap models or compression shorts designs. Find the combo that's right for you and your sport.

Get support where you need it most. Browse athletic tape and wrap to help keep your gear in place and support your performance or shop the complete collection of sport accessories at DICK'S Sporting Goods.