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With high performance arrow vanes from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you can take aim with confidence. Using the right arrow vanes can help you achieve an ideal balance between arrow speed and accuracy, whether you use your arrows for hunting or competition.

Explore a wide variety of top quality arrow vanes from Bohning®, New Archery Products® and other trusted brands. Arrow vanes at DICK'S Sporting Goods are available in a range of convenient quantities, so you can choose a 6 pack for smaller jobs, or a 36 pack when you need to fletch a large collection of arrows at once.

When you're shopping for arrow vanes, it's important to think about the importance of arrow speed and accuracy. Arrow vanes serve the important purpose of helping your arrow spin as it travels through the air, allowing for a more controlled flight.

  • If you need to maximize accuracy and are willing to sacrifice a bit of speed and distance, look for arrow vanes that are designed to provide a high spin rate.
  • If you will be shooting at larger or more distant targets and need to maximize speed and power, you might want to consider arrows that provide a slightly slower spin rate.
  • In general, higher spin rates lead to greater accuracy. However, a higher spin rate can also decrease the velocity of your arrow, potentially reducing the effective range.
  • Many arrow vane manufacturers specify whether an arrow vane is designed for higher spin rates or higher arrow speed. As a general rule, shorter arrow vanes create less drag and have less of an effect on arrow speed.
  • The fletching pattern you use on your arrows also has a significant effect on accuracy and distance. Arrow vanes attached in a spiral pattern around the shaft, for example, create a higher spin rate than offset or straight fletching patterns.