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Go the Distance with ASICS® Running Shoes

Experience a fluid run with ASICS running shoes.

ASICS running shoes are optimized for every mile-designed for an air-light feel and total support as you push the pace.

ASICS footwear is available in neutral and stability shoe constructions, built for your particular running type. Explore the collection:

From the breakthrough ASICS Gel collection to the ASICS GT-2000, select from a variety of running shoe types, materials and features for the fit that's right for you. Run in color with tie-die prints, bright neons and much more.

For more, browse all running shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Expert Advice

Where does your run take you? Do you log miles on city streets or trek off-road?

The ASICS running collection at DICK’S Sporting Goods includes traditional running shoes and trail shoes—specialized footwear designed for unpredictable terrain and off-road conditions. ASICS trail running shoes feature aggressive outsoles for added traction and support.

Look for the details that help you make the most of your run. Multi-directional stretch-mesh in the upper provides lockdown fit and a breathable feel. Flexible rubber grooves along your shoe’s outsole adapt to the natural movements of your gait. Innovative lightweight gel in your midsole cushions, comforts and absorbs impact.

Inner sockliner in your ASICS running shoes is a must—this feature works to lift perspiration from your skin and enhance the fit of your footwear.

Understanding the mechanics of your run is essential when selecting running shoes.

A runner’s heel typically strikes the ground first. With every strike, the foot rolls slightly inward and the arch flattens to absorb impact. Your foot then rolls slightly to the outside to propel your next step.

Pronation is the foot’s natural inward roll. Neutral pronation absorbs impact for efficient running.

Overpronation is the exaggerated form of this inward role. Runners with overpronation are at risk of joint injury and paint. Supination, or under pronation, is the outward roll of the foot.