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    SKLZ Launch Tee Elite



    Learn More About Batting Tees & Hitting Tees

    Improve Your Swing with Batting Tees

    Whether you're playing baseball or softball, batting tees are the perfect training tool for sluggers of all ages and skill levels. From Tee Ball to the pros, hitting tees help improve accuracy, control and overall swing.

    All tees are portable, so you can easily take your training anywhere. Options include tripods, solid bases, adjustable tubes and sets with nets, plus accessories.

    With the right equipment, you'll start making better contact in no time. Choose from top brands like Jugs®, PRIMED®, SKLZ® and more.

    Hit Like a Pro

    The perfect swing is the result of hard work and hours of practice. A batting tee can help.

    Hone Your Hit: Batting tees allow you to focus on your swing without other distractions, such as varying pitches, other players and gameplay. You can adjust your stance and where you're hitting the ball, which allows you to work on your weaknesses while improving your overall game.

    Portable: Most tees feature tripods, adjustable tubes, carrying bags and more, so you can easily fit them in your gear bag or have them ready wherever your game takes you.

    Swinging Solo: You won't always be able to find a partner or coach to throw the ball, which makes a hitting tee a great practice companion. Practicing on your own time gives you a greater opportunity to perfect your swing through repetition. For easy ball retrieval, consider a tee set with a net included or purchase a net separately from the full selection of nets, screens and rebounders.

    Take Note: A coach's critique can really help you nail down what's working and what isn't when it comes to your swing. You can also videotape yourself during practice in order to assess your mechanics. Take a close look at your technique when you hit the ball. How's your stance? Where's your bat's sweet spot? Make the proper adjustments and you'll notice a difference.

    Break In Your Bat: Hitting tees can also help you get used to a new bat's size, weight, length, balance and material. This can be helpful before practicing with a coach or machine.

    Check out the full selection of baseball and softball training aids available at DICK'S Sporting Goods.