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Step Up Your Game in the Latest Baseball Cleats

Stay ready for every season with a high-quality pair of baseball cleats from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Choose from a variety of cleat configurations and shoe styles for the baseball cleats that match your game.

The newest baseball cleats deliver incredible traction and a lightweight feel. Details like breathability, lockdown fit and advanced cushioning help maximize your comfort throughout every inning.

Baseball cleat styles include molded baseball cleats, metal cleats, trainers, turf and umpire cleats. Find styles for men and women, plus a great assortment of youth baseball cleats. Hold down the field with baseball cleats from your favorite brands, including Nike®, Under Armour®, adidas®, New Balance® and more.

Featured Baseball Cleats

Always consult baseball and softball league requirements before purchasing your new baseball cleats. See individual product pages for specific details, sizing info and customer reviews. Find the perfect pair using our Baseball Cleat Buying Guide.

What to Look for in Your Baseball Cleats

Think about the construction of your baseball cleat when you're prepping for the season.

The upper of your baseball cleat is designed with either leather or a synthetic material. Leather is naturally tough, breathes well and is flexible as you move. The latest synthetic materials provide leather quality and feature built-in reinforcements and support throughout the shoe.

Select between molded and metal baseball cleat configurations. Turf shoes often feature molded cleats, designed from non-removable rubber or hard plastic. This brand of cleat is stable and strong—you can go from the field to concrete without a problem.

Metal cleats feature a permanent metal spike along the outsole of the shoe. Most youth and amateur softball leagues prohibit the use of metal cleats, but high school, college and professional leagues use them. Metal cleats are available with removable cleats, so you can customize your shoe based on field conditions.

Cleats are often built for a wide fit, which promotes stability in the batter's box. A thick tong should prevent dirt from getting into your shoe.

Players should always choose a baseball cleat optimized for their position. Different players have different needs on the field—and your cleats should be in-tune with the game.

Pitchers need extra toe support for their push off. Look for a plastic or metal toe cup for coverage on the toe box. This ensures better comfort and durability.

Outfielders often need metal cleats, which do not pick up large patches of grass in the field. Many outfielders need to plant their toes in the ground, sprinting on their forefoot to reach a ball.

It's essential to properly care for your cleats. Always remove dirt and debris from your cleats following a game or practice. It's best to let mud dry, then chisel it with a stick, brush or your fingers. Stuff your cleats with newspaper in between games, so your upper maintains its shape.