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Learn More About Baseball Gloves & Mitts

Baseball Gloves From Top Brands

Stay ready for every play with some of the best baseball gloves from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Shop styles from the biggest brands in the game, including:

Play like an all-star when you shop the USA baseball & softball gear collection. Find baseball gloves, batting gloves, hats and more covered in red, white and blue.

If you find a lower price on a baseball glove somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

On-Field Essentials: Baseball Gloves & Baseball Mitts

Make sure you're getting the quality your game deserves with the latest baseball gloves and baseball mitts from DICK'S Sporting Goods. We have hundreds of baseball gloves to choose from, including pro baseball gloves made with premium materials.

Picking the right style for your position can make a big difference. Find baseball gloves and mitts in a range of colors and sizes for every position on the field.

  • Infield Baseball Gloves: These five-fingered gloves often feature open webbing and a shallow pocket for a quicker throw. Third basemen sometimes use a deeper pocket to handle harder hits.
  • Outfield Baseball Gloves: These baseball gloves typically feature a deeper pocket and a longer glove length to catch fly balls and extend reach. Open and tight-stitched webbing options are available as player preference varies.
  • Catcher's Mitts: This specialized baseball mitt includes extra padding to help withstand pitch after pitch. The rounded, oval shape and closed webbing help secure the ball. Comfort level is especially important in these mitts.
  • First Base Gloves & Mitts: Similar to a catcher's design, these mitts feature a rounded, oval shape that helps scoop up balls in the dirt. The wide shape and larger pocket helps first basemen field throws from infielders and allows for a more secure catch.
  • Utility Baseball Gloves: These all-purpose styles are ideal for players who move around the field. In-between sizing helps players transition more easily between infield and outfield.
  • Pitcher's Gloves for Baseball: These styles often feature closed webbing to help pitchers conceal their hand and the ball.

Baseball Glove Construction & Features

No matter what position you play, look for a baseball mitt or glove that's designed to deliver performance and durability. You'll get the most out of a baseball glove made with high-quality materials, so pay attention to the type of leather used and how your glove's made.

Shop baseball gloves for adults, youth players and adult slow-pitch softball. Gloves are available in a variety of materials:

  • Full-Grain Leather: A natural grain from cowhide or steerhide, which sets the standard for most pro series styles. This leather provides superior durability and performance. Stiffer and heavier, full-grain leather gloves usually require a break-in process.
  • Kip Leather: This soft, luscious cowhide is used in several top-tier baseball gloves. Many younger players prefer this lightweight leather over traditional cowhide. These gloves require less break-in compared to full-grain leather styles.
  • Premium Steerhide: Strong and durable leather that's made to last. It's heavy and often tougher to break in. Many higher-level players prefer this leather for its durability over the course of a full season.
  • Leather & Cowhide: Many base models feature this standard leather. It is medium to heavy in weight and breaks in faster than most premium leathers. Many younger players are also a fan of this material.
  • Synthetic Leather: Easy to close with no break-in required. This lightweight option is great for youth athletes. Some more expensive models may include synthetic leather to help reduce weight.

Every player should also understand baseball glove construction. Keep in mind these key features when choosing a glove:

  • Web/Pocket: Connects the fingers and the thumb, allowing for secure control of the ball upon impact. This is where you want to catch most fly balls, pop ups and line drives. Webbing can be open or closed and varies by position.
  • Palm: Features padding under the leather to give the palm protection.
  • Heel: The lower portion of the glove, palm side, which provides protection and determines the break-in of your glove.
  • Lacing: Provides shape to the glove. Leather is the preferred lacing material, giving players ideal break-in and durability.
  • Hinge: Allows the glove to open and close easily.
  • Wrist Adjustment: Some baseball gloves include this feature, allowing for an adjustable, snug fit on a player's hand.
  • D-Ring Fastener: This feature allows you to pull on the lacing and make the glove tighter or looser.
  • Hook & Loop Fastener: This detail offers the convenience of pulling and adjusting to fit your comfort level.
  • Lacing Adjustment: This feature helps loosen or tighten the wrist fastener with leather laces.

Learn more with our baseball and softball glove buying guide and keep your glove in top condition with DICK'S baseball glove steaming services.