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How to Buy a Baseball Infielder's Glove

When picking out a glove for that middle infielder or third baseman, knowing the right features to look for can go a long way towards success on the diamond.

Having a baseball glove that matches your position is vital to success in the game. Infielders are known for making quick plays and ball transfers, so their glove should allow them to accomplish this.

When choosing a glove for that second baseman, third baseman or shortstop, keep in mind these three main components: pocket depth, web design and sizing.

The infield is where you're going to see the smallest gloves on the field, but even those sizes vary when it comes to the specific positions. For second basemen, transferring the ball and grip take precedence over range. It is common to see these position players wearing the smallest gloves, with most measuring 11 to 11�? " from heel to tip.

For shortstops and third basemen, putting the leather on the ball is the main goal, so a larger glove is more attuned to the left side of the diamond. Typically, gloves worn by these position players range from 11�? to 12 ". That extra bit of glove allows for a better chance at snagging that rocket down the line or dribbler up the middle.

With all of these characteristics in mind, the final thing to consider when searching for a new infielder glove is to find one that feels right to you. You will want it to be snug on the hand and have a secure fit. The glove should offer a comfortable combination of stiffness and flexibility. For look and color, pick a glove that fits your taste.

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