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Learn More About Baseball Hitting Aids & Swing Trainers

Sharpen Your Skills With Baseball Hitting Aids

Take your training to the next level with a variety of baseball hitting aids from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Players at every level can support their goals by practicing with a baseball swing trainer or hitting aid. Targeted practice with a baseball hitting aid can help improve your swing, consistency and overall hitting mechanics.

Check out these popular baseball hitting aids:

Browse other baseball hitting aids, including slip-on batting aids, hitting trainers, training packages, warm-up bats and more. If you find a lower price on baseball hitting aids somewhere else, we'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.

Shop the complete collection of baseball training aids, including batting tees and hitting tees. You can even stop by select stores and test the best bats in HitTrax® batting cages.

Practice Makes Perfect: Learn More About Baseball Hitting Aids

There are a variety of baseball hitting aids and baseball swing trainers to choose from. Get the details about these popular baseball hitting aids and how they can help elevate your game.

  • Baseball Swing Trainers: A baseball swing trainer is a great way to practice hitting drills and help improve muscle memory, ball contact, proper grip, hand placement, swing path, power, speed and hand-eye coordination. There are a variety of baseball and softball swing trainers to choose from. Some bat swing trainers can be adjusted for different drills.
  • Baseball Swing Analyzers: A bat swing sensor provides instant swing metrics, including bat speed, hand time, time to impact, elevation angle, attack angle and more. Most bat sensors fit onto the knob or grip of your bat and provide feedback via display, smartphone app or both. Some bat swing sensors also offer in-app coaching tips and drills.
  • Baseball Hitting Sticks: A softball or baseball hitting stick helps players work on proper hitting technique and practice multiple strike zones and pitches. Most baseball and softball hitting sticks include a batting-grip handle and wrist strap, so the coach can better hold and control the stick. Hitting sticks are recommended for use with practice bats only.
  • Training Bats: A training bat can help an athlete work on targeted goals. Choose from weighted training bats, lightweight options and more, depending on your specific goals. Lightweight training bats allow for more swings with less fatigue. Weighted training bats help players focus on muscle memory, strength and speed. Many training bats feature a narrow barrel to help with hand-eye coordination and contact. Some training bats utilize sliding ball technology to help players develop a more powerful swing.
  • Bat Training Weights: A barrel weight, or bat training weight, helps players focus on hitting mechanics and work on swing speed and strength.
  • Baseball Training Gloves: Most baseball training gloves are weighted and use resistance training to help increase grip and finger strength for better bat control. Weighted baseball training gloves come in adult and youth sizes.
  • Practice Baseballs: Durable practice whiffle baseballs are designed to help refine a player's swing. Practice baseballs help athletes find their bat's sweet spot, and mini training balls can help increase hand-eye coordination. Most whiffle-style training balls in this collection are made with heavy-duty materials with more give and durability than traditional plastic practice baseballs. Other practice baseballs are designed to help hitters recognize and hit different pitches, including challenging curveballs.
  • Weighted Baseballs: Weighted training balls use added weight to help players drive the ball through impact and hone speed, power and consistency at the plate. Weighted training balls are great for both softball and baseball practice and come in a variety of weights. They are recommended for side toss, soft toss and tee batting drills only.

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