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Learn More About Umpire Protective Gear

Find Umpire Protective Gear for Baseball & Softball

Safety is key, especially for the home plate umpire. The pitcher could be sending throws in from 80 to 100 MPH, which means a misguided pitch can really smart. Broken bats and foul tips can also be hazardous.

Protection of the head is a must.

There are two styles of facemasks umpires can choose between the traditional mask and the hockey style helmet. Each offer their own distinct features.

You will also need to have a chest protector, which are created to protect many important parts of the body that can get hit with a foul ball. When choosing a chest protector, make sure coverage starts at the neck and covers at the ribs.

Leg guards are another crucial part of protection. They are created to offer protection for the shin, ankle, upper knee, lower thigh and foot.

To complete your look, shop especially made umpire shoes.