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Hit the Court with a New Basketball

It's your ultimate tool on the court, so choose a basketball crafted for total playability from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Shop the basketball collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods for the ball designed for your game. Discover basketballs for kids, women and professional-level play. Mini basketballs are great for kids, while signature NBA® player basketballs help you play like the pros.

Official-sized basketballs measure 29.5 inches and are designed for players in high school, college or pro leagues. Players at this level often consider grip, tack and material when making a ball selection. Read user reviews to find the right official-sized basketball that matches your playing style.

Shop popular basketball brands, including Spalding® basketballs and options from Wilson®, Nike® and Champion®. Find a better price? We'll match it with our Best Price Guarantee!

Expert Advice

Learn More About Basketballs

The modern basketball has come a long way since its beginnings in the late 19th century. The first basketballs were made with a hard rubber bladder stitched over with leather panels.

Today's basketballs still feature a rubber bladder, but are generally covered but a lightweight leather, rubber or synthetic composite material.

Basketballs are designed specifically for indoor or outdoor play. Outdoor basketballs are generally made from rubber or a highly durable composite. This type of ball sometimes has a harder touch than an indoor ball. Indoor basketballs are typically constructed of leather or composite. These basketballs often do not have the longevity of an outdoor ball.

Stand out on the court: Today's basketballs are available in a variety of eye-catching hues. You can go for a classic orange ball or find one bearing your NBA® team's signature colors.

Keep in mind the main components of a basketball: The internal bladder, its carcass and covering, threads, channels and pebbling.

The inside of your basketball contains a basic rubber bladder. Nylon or polyester threads wrap around the bladder to create a round structure. Two rubber layers provide a mantle-like carcass. The ball is covered by a paneled surface, which features channels that seal the ball together. The surface of the ball is textured by pebbles, which promote better grip.

Make the most of your new basketball with ball pumps and inflation devices. For the perfect ball for every sport, shop our full collection of sports balls to find everything you need for every season.

Size Chart

Basketball Sizing

Use the DICK’S Sporting Goods basketball size chart to determine which ball you should buy. Note that the age ranges listed are not standard across all leagues. Check with your local league to ensure appropriate sizing.

Basketball Size Chart27"27.5" (Size 5)28.5" (Size 6)29.5" (Size 7)30"
Men's / Official (Ages 13 & Older)XX
Women's (Ages 9 & Older)X
Intermediate (Ages 9–12)X
Youth (Ages 9 & Younger)XX


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