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Up Your Game: Baseball Batting Gloves

Step up to the plate with the right batting glove.

Every player knows it's the details that count in your game. Performance-designed baseball gloves can enhance grip, feel and dexterity. Shop baseball batting gloves from leading brands, like Easton®, Franklin®, Mizuno® and Under Armour®. Explore the collection now:

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Sporting a batting glove during play helps improve game performance. Gloves promote a better grip on the bat, a factor that's essential for consistent performance at the plate. Your bat works to keep your hands dry and free of sweat and natural body oils that can stymie your batting performance.

Your batting glove should also offer shock absorption from the sting of your bat. The glove also offers coverage from potential blisters and chafing.

Your batting glove should feature lightweight padding in key areas the fingers, palm and wrist, for example. This padding helps better absorb a bat's vibration upon impact with the ball. Wrist straps help secure the fit of your glove.

And, of course, your glove should be comfortable. Choose a glove with perforated panels, which allow for proper breathability as you play.